Transit Riders Forum

Join members of the Hamilton Transit Riders Union steering committee and listen to some of our key focuses for public transit in Hamilton, and what we want to plan as we get ready for the HSR to unveil their new bus network!
Short presentations will be made by steering committee members Ian Borsuk, Don McLean, and Karl Andrus – along with a presentation by Sam Hersh from ATU Canada. These presentations will be followed by an open discussion by attendees to talk about Hamilton’s public transit. This will be the first of our ongoing bimonthly forums.
Please note, the Zoom call for this meeting is hosted by Environment Hamilton. The HTRU has been supported by Environment Hamilton, Hamilton District Labour Council, and ATU 107.


Opinion | Our transit woes just an election away |

I picked up an HSR bus pass for February. According to my math it was the best deal for my money, and it was a lot of money, too. At $101.20, it took care of a healthy chunk of my disposable income this month and, being retired, I don’t have much. But now I don’t have to worry about bus money, tickets or transfers, or topping up my Presto card if I had one. It’s true that if I lose it, too bad, so sad, but I think I’m old enough to take care of things I value.

Source: Opinion | Our transit woes just an election away |