The Hamilton Transit Riders’ Union is working to provide an authentic voice for Hamilton’s transit user’s before the public, city council, and Hamilton Street Railway.

Members of the community are working with partners, including Environment Hamilton and the Hamilton and District Labour Council, to establish an interim executive and structure and establish the building blocks for a viable advocate for transit riders. The plan is to formally launch the HTRU as an intervention on 100In1Day on June 2nd and, then, in one year have a fully elected executive.

To accomplish this goal, the steering committee has adopted the following:


The Hamilton Transit Riders’ Union is a democratic organization fighting to preserve, expand, and improve the public transportation system in Hamilton and beyond so that everyone has access to safe, accessible, affordable, and reliable public transportation.


  • Respect for fellow passengers
  • Respect for front-line workers
  • Fair and affordable fares
  • Completion of the BLAST Network
  • Making public transit fully accessible
  • Frequent service connecting all parts of the city
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Restoring pride in public transit
  • Making public transit the first choice for travel


We have a right to a public mass transit system that includes:

  • Safe, reliable, environmentally sustainable and affordable transit accessible to all.
  • Living wages, benefits, safe working conditions and union rights for transit workers.
  • Dedicated and sustainable funding for public transit.
  • Equitable distribution of public transit costs.
  • Transit that meets the needs of each community and with no community left out.